Recent hilarious Google searches

I love the search engine terms that bring people to my site. They’re usually hilarious, whether in the context of the inadequacy of the search, the suspected knowledge of the searcher, or the absolute uselessness of my blog as a helpful result for their query. Some of the highlights:

ulcerative colitis blog
Probably (when they reach my domain) the most disappointed searchers.

smoking and ulcerative colitis
house prescribes cigarettes
smoking causing ulcerative colitis
soup and ulcerative colitis
Without a doubt, the most popular thing I’ve ever posted was my loose-and-crabby critique of a House ep. I’m a bit sad that the soup search went there, though, since I have posted quite earnestly about soup, making soup, and what soup works best for my UC. Phooey.

y does painkillers work for my colitis
I don’t know, dude.

colitis knickers

Wait a minute. Yes, I do.

can i eat expired yogurt

they’ll fix you. they fix everything
Hits my old post about Robocop and how sometimes I suspect if I get an colectomy that I too will be transformed into a part-woman, part-machine cop with an awesome gun, mad driving skills, and no home or family except a steel mill and a severely-injured partner, respectively. That’s some colitis.

Overall I hope the people who clicked got something helpful out of this blog. But it’s doubtful. I guess them’s the dangers of writing a hybrid of horrible chronic disease-Star Trek-movies-food-videos-random dorkiness, rather than just a straight colitis-time blog.

In that light, I give you my kind of joy:

May your visits to this blog never get old, nor may they get rebooted/retconned.


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