My tastes are NOT eclectic.

Run for your lives!

For every single movie I’ve seen in the past few weeks, I have first been treated to the Green Lantern trailer. Every. Single. One. Even Bridesmaids, for crying out loud. Does that make any sense? Anyhow, increased exposure does not equal positive results; I am still unimpressed, especially (and increasingly) by what appears to be the Lantern’s main concern: a giant fecal cloud attacks a city.

And every time I see that, I think of this:

Hey, I just looked on Wikipedia, and Temeura Morrison is in it! No, I’m still not going. But, cool anyway.

Also at the movies, but actually on CABLE TV
I saw a long advert for Falling Skies where the actors and producers and anyone else involved deemed interview-worthy talk about how amazing and revolutionary this show is/will be. (As usual, whenever I hear people say things like this, I assume they’ve never read or watched any science fiction. Except maybe the first couple seasons of LOST. Pbbbbt.

Anyway, judging from the advert, this show is about aliens who invade Earth and, apparently, first kill off all the black people sometime before the first episode. Ha, ha, ha. But yeah, the only non-white character I saw in this ad was Moon Bloodgood. What do you say, should we watch and find out? Yeah, naaah. Sadly, most of the new network shows I’ve read about follow the typical white-male-lead standard, and it’s more disappointing the older I get.

At home
Watched Rubber. Bizarrely fluffy. Were we, the home audience, behind the fifth wall? Or the fifth dimension?

And finally: a sad, sad day
Everyone’s favorite disapproving rabbit has passed away.

I think the time I heard the term passed away was in one of the Ramona books, the one where [SPOILERS!] their cat Picky-picky dies. I was all, wait, what? So did he die or not? Geez, Beverly Cleary.


2 thoughts on “My tastes are NOT eclectic.

  1. OK, I had to check the interwebz on this one: “Rubber is a 2010 French horror comedy film about a tire that comes to life and kills people with its psychic powers.”

    Srsly? Wow. Were you that desperate for amusement LOL?!


  2. Tell me you at least watched the trailer!

    Yeah, it was pretty ridiculous. He (Robert the tire) vibrates and blows things up. But even more ridiculous was it's acknowledged concept of audience and the fourth wall and making a shitty movie with a really implausible plot. Seriously! The movie has an audience, and an opening monologue from one of the actors regarding the implausibility of many horror movie plot/character points.

    BEEEE-ZARRE. Better than a night of Saw sequels or Green Lantern trailers, but still.


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