Questions of expertise.

A friend of mine wrote a column on his blog about the dangers of trusting people who pass themselves off as experts.

When peons are easily manipulated by bogus experts by Kanuk.

It’s an especially interesting read to me for two reasons.

1. PBS Newshour had a segment about cell phones last night.

I really enjoy this particular report and the interviewed expert. Lots of info without shouting, swoopy graphics or hyperbole. The neurosurgeon (Keith Black) is very clear on the uncertainty of the results and the need for more research.

I think? That even before the research positively points to cancer (or positively points to our overreaction and negates any connection to carcinogens, cancers or tumors), we’ll see a growing move to headsets/earpieces, a complete blast-off in texting (hah, like that hasn’t happened already) and a General Wisdom dictate from parents to children, to “always keep your head at three feet from any cellular device.”

2. I watched F for Fake.

Interesting flick. It discusses fakery, forgery in the art world (specifically Elmyr de Hory), Clifford Irving, magic tricks, movie-making, and, you guessed it, the soemtimes questionable nature of “expertise.”

A sample from the show:


One thought on “Questions of expertise.

  1. Great piece on Open Salon, thanks for citing it. I've sent it to my dad, who since he retired apparently spends most of his time forwarding unsubstantiated rumors that originated on Fox News ;)


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