Signal boost

Hey, look, it’s another lady with a chronic disease! (Other than me. I’m shocked, shocked, aren’t you?)

It’s So Not Sexy, a blog by Maurissa Tancharoen. Looks like she’s just started it up – I look forward to reading more.

I gotta say, I can’t identify with her former hot pants-everyday look because I’m not toned, nor have I ever been a dancer. (I dance, yes. But there’s no way anyone would pay me or pay to see me do it. YET. Rule 267,800 [of the Internet] hasn’t been invented yet.) I did used to go shopping wearing only jeans, flip-flops and a flimsy Winnie-the-Pooh tank top my sister gave me one Christmas, without a bra. But that was the extent of my sexy-flaunting, ulcerative colitis-free youth. No regrets!


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