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I love those astronauts.

Space shuttle Endeavour crew launch their own Star Trek poster

And look at all the others!
More NASA mission posters at the Christian Science Monitor
(Armaggedon, meh. But Reservoir Dogs in space? Hahahahaha!)

Continuing my late-to-the-party tendencies, I caught up with season six of Doctor Who. Not sure whether my husband’s sudden increased interest in the show is due to my enthusiasm or that of his academic advisor. Heh. Yeah, probably mine. I’m just that infectious.

Also I recently mainlined all of The Guild, which wasn’t hard as most of the eps are 2-10 minutes long. If you want to watch it, it’s all on Youtube and/or their website. C’mon! Gaming! Or if you’re not into that, you can learn about gaming! Sort of. Felicia Day! A hilarious cast! Guest-starring Wil Wheaton! Oh yeah! Ahem. Links:

Youtube link
The Guild‘s site

And that’s enough linking for today.


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