Fun with wool. Really.

If you want to save some cash because you’re paying out the nose to the gastro/doctor/therapist/cable television or broadband provider (hey, treatment takes many different forms, judgers!) then check these out.

Wooly Dryer Balls from With a Tangled Skein

Before you start snickering, I’ll show you a finished product. My first attempt:

The little stem/tail/[insert phallicky joke here]thingie is not standard, but I can’t bring myself to clip it off. Anyway, these babies are supposed to work just as nicely as dryer sheets while decreasing your overall drying time. So far I’ve only dried one load of clothes and I forgot to time it. Whoops.

WaTS has other cute crafty things on her site, including multiple Doctor Who-themed projects.

Tardis MP3 player cover

Blanket of Rassilon

Just warms the cockles of my geek girl heart.


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