Mortality, part 2

So, right, as I was saying back here, mortality!

I think the occasional bad-snack is good for you. I eat bits of chocolate every day. I make divinity and caramel sauce and godawful hot messes like this all the time:

(These eventually became creamy pralines, after I started over with a bigger pot. Yes, I did start talking like Roy Scheider. No, A. didn’t leave me.)

And in a few minutes I’m going to make double chocolate chip cookies. I could probably eat candy from dawn to dusk and be happy – mentally and taste-budally, anyway. But for me, part of being alive and interested (yes, here comes the preachin’) is trying new things. Yes, I could probably spend my life eating my way through multiple candy stores. But I also want to eat carrots and lettuce and kale and spinach and cabbage and mmm, eggplant, and really, is the indulgence that the Heart Attack Grill promises just indulgence in tasty fried delicious fat, or is it also indulgence in limited choices? Burger, fries, shake, cigarettes, scotch, all very tasty, and while you’re not thinking about calories, you’re also not thinking about variety, about trying new things or tastes or textures. You know this tastes good. Why experiment? And I say, because that’s the only thing that keeps food interesting, that makes eating more than a tedious hand-to-mouth IV – the variety in addition to the comfort food.

Sometimes I really relish the crunch of a carrot.* And sometimes I heartily enjoy the crunch of bacon. And once again, I’m championing moderate eating habits and a middle-of-the-road food lifestyle – probably because for my sometimes-limited eating options, middle-of-the-road is adventurous! Wow, what a bag of extremity this blog has become!


At the last candy store I visited:

* A HIGHLY exciting veggie.


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