Sunscreen test number one

Let’s hear it for Contender One:

Stuff no. 1

The test did not begin well. C1 is about five bucks an ounce and full of that evil brand-name false trustworthiness. (Yeah, I’m susceptible. I read Neutrogena and I think of splashing clear water and famous teeny boppers with smooth blemish-free skin telling me they hate their stress-related breakouts. Water is wet, teeny boppers within and without Hollywood get acne; THUS IT MAY TOO WORK FOR ME.) So I gave the clerk my money and talked about Naturalizer shoes. It was a good time at the drug store.

Test continued to go poorly when I got home after the farmer’s market (they had a llama! Good time at the market, yo!) and followed the directions by “liberally applying” C1. I looked like I was wearing mime paint. My face didn’t itch, but it felt greasy. Worse: a couple hours later when I got the dog ready for a walk, A. looked at me strangely and said, “Are you wearing…sunscreen?”

I looked in the mirror and saw I still looked like a mime. “Um. Yarp.”

But I didn’t rub it in, because I have always been taught that when you think you’re rubbing sunscreen in, you’re actually rubbing it off,* so I slapped on my hat and out we went around the block. And here’s where C1 finally worked – sort of. It sank into my skin like sunscreen does, and it lost some of the greasiness, and even after a nice long walk at the brightest time of the day, I’m not sunburned. So I think I’ll keep going with this puppy for a week, spend a lot of time outdoors and see how it goes.

* Or I’ve always been taught that there is no shame in looking like a fool. Mime, fool, same difference, right?**

** OR MAYBE I just used to wipe off all the sunscreen onto the car seat before we got to the beach. Sounds like I might need to have another conversation with the mom…


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