Kitchen Time Wasters

Are you trapped indoors today and you feel the urge to do something more than nap beside the dog? Do you like high-fat treats? Does dairy make your ears perk up all jackrabbity?

Looking out

Have no fear! You too can make…butter!

(Another great time-consumer from The Hungry Mouse and her kitchen of sparkling utter delights. I recommend looking at her blog if you want to do this, because she actually includes instructions while I just like posting pictures.)

Basically, you get some good whole cream and you beat the hell out of it. A friend mentioned that you could also do it by shaking it up in a jar, which spurred some long-lost Girl Scout memories of mine. But these days I can see over the countertop and handle a big bad adult woman mixer, and my skinny arms can handle mixing more readily than endurance a-shaking so I personally preferred beat the hell out of it.

Let the mixing begin

Not ready yet



Ball o' butter

It's like buttaaaah

The clean up:
Clean up
(Okay, fine, so that one was from pancakes.)

Aaaand in the end you also get buttermilk (the non-cultured kind):



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