The Big C

Hi, hi hi hi! My brief hiatus was due to a smashing visit from my folks and then A.’s folks. Good food, beer and awkward photos were had by all.

Anyhow, the Big C.
No, I’m not talking about the show, I’m talking about the scope! I scheduled the ass-tube party with my gastro earlier this week. Of course, I also forgot to get a quote, since my insurance these days blows big yellow dong and I will most likely have to pay for some of it. (The colonoscopy, not the dong. Obviously. Who would pay for that? Who indeed?) But some is better than all, I guess.

A soothing, oatmeal/aloe-based, womanly products question
So I’ve been on Imuran for a while now, going on six-seven years, and one of the big warnings is sunlight exposure. At least, it was when I started taking it – the above link doesn’t mention it, as far as I can see. But anyway. Extended exposure to sunlight, bad. And being closer to the equator in Texas, that’s probably bad, too. So in addition to adopting the proper Ulcerative Colitis Attire: Operation Cover-Up (also known as Audrey Hepburn Goes Skiing in Charade, except with a brimmier hat) I need to stock up on sunscreen.

But (yes, but), there’s a problem. My skin and sunscreen do not get along. The Colazal I’m also taking tends to encourage breakouts, and when I slap on the sunscreen it’s like I’m just fertilizing the already-extremely-fertile manure.* My shoulders and back break out, and the bits of my face that don’t lump up with tiny zits and oil, well, they dry out to a nice wrinkly parchment. So I’m looking for suggestions: does anyone out there know of a sunscreen that didn’t send their skin in the black forests of acne?

Notes/caveats: I’m planning on going to the drugstore tonight in search of something. Also, as usual, I’m unable to spend giant bucks. I realize that “giant bucks” may vary; let’s just say I’m really broke and looking for the cheapest, meanest, stingiest option. Which, honestly? Is probably a big ol’ brimmy hat.

In closing I shall take refuge in the smartzors** of others: links.

If you like astronomy, check this out:
10 Surprising Moon Facts (I think…via BB, as usual)

The Daily Dish linked to this blog/Tumblr/Blumbr (oh, please):
A Lie of the Mind
She’s a kicky Chicago girl with a startlingly clear gaze, fine bones and a sharp wit.
He’sIt’s a…kicky brain tumor.
Together, they won’t fight crime. No, I hope she kicks its ass. Or maybe, its mass? Eh, argh. My wit is all sewn up in my colon and related parts/emissions; I’ll quit trying to branch out into other areas of health. But check her blog out regardless.

In my head:

Debbie Reynolds own voice – Would You? – Singin’ in the Rain from Mark on Vimeo.

(except in my head, it’s all Jean Hagen. Sigh.)

* What – doesn’t everyone compare their skin to manure? Where have all the gardening/flesh metaphors gone?
**Oh yeah, I’m portmanteauing it up over here. And smartzor sounds more fun than razart, in my head.


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