Hubba hubba hubba, money money money…

Who Do You Trust?
is an archived podcast from Definitely Not the Opera at the CBC. It’s a good listen, check it out.

A. and I went to a local beer festival wherein we sampled many a beer and ate too many a fajita. (In my case: one.) I also fumbled out my camera at some point and took many blurry artistic pics, including the above. Afterwards we decided to pick up a six-pack and peanut butter at the local K-Roger. We came back out to find my camera, still in the little crocheted case I made, tucked securely into the driver’s side door handle of our car.

I don’t really have much to say about this event other than the obvious thanks, random dude or dudess. I appreciate it. Perhaps, if karma works passively as well as actively, this is the swing-around for A.’s bike getting stolen in our first week here. In any case, I say again: thanks, dude.

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