How have I been living without this?

It’s a cataclysm of science, autotune and bongos courtesy of the lovely Delphi:

‘Kay, alla ya other boybands, you can just pack up and go back to your Mom and Dad’s houses now; I think Neil and his crew have you beat. (Or would it be Carl and his crew? Or Bill? Or Dick? Would they fight? Or would they be too busy arguing about science? The Science Drama, and how it tore the New Fab Four apart without respect to life, death or vids.)

Incidentally and inevitably this makes me think of Brain Storm.

“You know, from television!” AHAHAH. Also, Dave Foley.

Looks like there are more coming in the Sagan series, too! I’m glad they’re doing original music for the next couple of videos. Thomas Newman does some pretty, haunting stuff, but unfortunately it gets snagged every time some producer/director wants to provoke viewers to feel The Sheer Depth of the Moment without writing something new. In my case, it’s too recognizable to move me anymore.


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