Bunion’s a-coming

Last night I noticed that I’m starting to develop bunions just like my mom. I think that this may be a side effect to having naturally scrawny (and in my case, exceedingly long) feet.

In digestive news, I’ve been trying to inveigle greens and other veggies back into my diet after last fall’s flare-up. It’s kind of scary how long it takes to do this. I test the waters with a tablespoon of peas one week, a forkful of baked beans the next. And then I go whole hog and make a vat of split pea soup or lentil soup and bam! I’m back on the Veg Team and it’s like nothing ever happened. Just another example of that selective-digestive memory shit, I guess.

Still, there are successes and failures. My most recent mixed-bag attempt was this:

Kale-Yam-Pecan Stirfry from Plain Living and High Thinking.
(Or, as she calls it, another lesbian kale recipe. I hope there is a cookbook.)

I know what you’re thinking. “Greens? Yams not baked to an easily digestible mooosh? Freakin’ pecans??? Well, dude, it’s your colon.”

And I know! And when I say mixed-bag, I honestly mean that if you’re flaring at the moment, this is probably not something you want to try. HOWEVER. Copy it down and save it for when your pissy little colon is not attacking itself in a bloody emo frenzy. You won’t regret it, because this stuff tastes amazing. It’s very pretty, too; bright orange and green and it made our whole apartment smell of sesame oil and tamari for a week.

Some My-Gut-specific changes I made: used oil and sugar a bit conservatively, which probably changed the taste a bit. (I thought it was tasty anyway.) Also, I minced the pecans practically into dust.

The mixed-bag downside: I went a bit gaga when it was finished and ate about a plateful. The next day my ass reprimanded me sternly with a few more than normal visits to the toilet. But I did find that if I ate small portions infrequently and made sure to chew like a big girl, I had less dissent from the digestive front.

Today I’m enjoying archived interviews from the show Q on CBC radio podcast archive: William Shatner, Neko Case, Paul Gross, among others. Yay, Canada!


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