Laudations and Libations

Today’s Laudations!

1. Radiolab: Lost and Found

Way to make me cry at work, guys. But never fear! Because:

2. thanks to Bill Hader, I am no longer sad/uplifted, but just giggling to death:

3. Here’s a podcast at Yes and Yes regarding the fine art of calculated risk taking.

Radio Yes: Risky Business

This really hit home for me, mostly because our move to Texas was dictated by A.’s grad school needs and my prospects for professional work and using my library science degree (especially for the area in which we live) are pretty slim. Sometimes? Because of this lack of choice and/or work or personal compulsion I had to move here? It feels like hell. It feels misaligned, wrong, like I’ll never grow or prosper here, like if only I had had a solid reason for moving here apart from the oh, right – we’re in love thing, then everything would be okay.

It’s hard to enjoy even a calculated risk if you’re not taking it for yourself. But then, I do understand that I AM taking it for me, and that despite the tendency we have to label things ruined and irreparable and black-or-white wrong-or-right, this is just one of the short experiences of my short life.

And then I go to the new Indian restaurant in town, or I call up/chat up one of the awesome friends who I wouldn’t have met save for this move, or I go buy some überfresh produce at the local farmer’s market, or I pull up Skype and give a long-distance call to my folks or friends, and I remember, Wake up, you doof, this ain’t so bad.

(I know, I know; call me when I’m having a flare in 100+ degree heat and we’ll talk then.)

Today’s Libations (or rather, tonight’s):

Last night I picked up a six-pack of Leinie’s Creamy Dark. I guess I’m feeling nostalgic for the days when it was a cheap sixer rather than an import.

In other news, everyone at work is either sick or sickening from the weird cold/fluish thing I had a couple weeks ago. I’m flinging hand sanitizer around like goopy confetti and drinking the beers while I got ’em.


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