What IS it all about, Alex?

I get excited just thinking about Jeopardy! How nerdy is that?

I’m kinda glad the computer doesn’t have a lifeline option – it can’t go to the Internet and search for answers, so this guy says. Unless it becomes self-aware…

Here’s a video of the practice match:

(I don’t know who that pretender to the Trebek throne is. Better not to ask; let’s just assume Alex doesn’t have time for PIDDLY PRACTICE MATCHES.)

Also, I learned today via Boing Boing that Ken Jennings has a blog:

Ken Jennings: Confessions of a Trivial Mind (blog!)

Somewhat relatedly, my aunt apparently dated this guy who won some money for a few days on Jeopardy. I don’t think he was a huge winner, but I do remember is that at the time he was dating my aunt, he apparently was very enamored of the phrase, “Golly gee minor.”


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