Today’s Star Wars goodness

I saw this on Cinematical recently.

Star Wars Begins by Jambe Davdar.

(Click through to youtube for the other 13 parts.)

Heh. Anytime I see or hear Mark Hamill I think of Chris Monroe‘s I-love-you-Luke-Skywalker comics. Heh.

I like the doc for the sheer magnitude of what it’s attempting, a conglomeration of so much behind-the-scenes info packed into one meshed audio track. However, it also makes me want more; I want to see all the outtakes and hear all the of the costume designer’s commentary, and hear Harrison Ford pontificate and Kenny Baker and Tony Daniels and the conceptual artist and George Lucas and all of them!

I’m also curious whether the captioned info is original stuff from Davdar or if he took it from captions. Wonder how long this (and his previous ones) will stay online and available. Is this fair use? Or will Lucasfilm descend in a hail of ion cannon bolts and knock it off line as copyright infringement?

Poor Biggs. What a slash of his screen time. Also, poor David Prowse. There’s no competing with a voice like James Earl Jones’s, man. “Simply special effects,” my ass.


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