This just in from Obvious Central

A word of warning to the colonally-challenged who may not know otherwise*:

Despite whatever awesome medications/infusions/disease regulation you may be using, Lentils will slow the train way, way down. I am not lying.

In case you still want to brave some pulses, I recommend the Moosewood Cookbook’s lentil soup. It’s directly responsible for my temporary, er, stoppage. There’s also a really good vegetarian split pea soup recipe in there.

The thing I like best about her soups (so far) is that you can make them with water instead of broth. This is the first cookbook I’ve owned that says that.** Hurrah! No more stock cubes. No more cans and cans or waxy boxes that sit in the back of the fridge till I have to throw them out. I say no more.

* Anyone? C’mon, really? Okay, fine. As usual, it’s JUST ME.

** As you can probably tell, I don’t own too many cookbooks.


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