Just chill.

It’s chilly out down here! We haven’t turned on our apartment’s central heat yet, but we’ve got a little space heater going most of the time. At work folks wear everything from puffy down coats (zipped up to their noses), to pretty filmy scarves with zero warmth value, to no jacket or scarf or hat or mittens whatsoever. On the bus to work, there’s a whole lot of bitching going on.

I’ve been personally blamed for the chill twice. If I discard the suggestions of North Heartland witchery, it was probably because I was taking obvious, obnoxious joy in things like the way the wind bites my face, the need for warm, bulky sweaters, and the (slim) prospect of snow.

To keep things in perspective, I try to remember that it’s about ten-fifteen degrees colder with a colder, sharper wind chill up in my home state. Also,one of my Minnesota friends called last night.

“Hear you’re having a cold snap,” she said. “That’s what, like one below? HA HA HA. So anyway – “

I hear you, honey.

A. keeps threatening to buy this movie. I tell him our marriage can barely weather the clip. Aha. Ahahahaha. Yeah.


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