[insert miserable caption here]

I’ve been sick! Really! Okay, initially I was waiting on the mail meds to arrive so I could bitch about them in a post, but I got sick with a Mystery Winter Ailment shortly thereafter. (Mystery Winter Ailments are the kind for which your doctor prescribes antibiotics, nastyass nasal spray, and Incredibly Alcoholic Prescription Cough Syrup, only after he/she spends ten seconds peering in your eyes, ears, nose and throat, and then another five seconds pressing on all the sinuses on your head. Did you know that you have sinuses on the back of your head? I did not.) In any case, waiting on the mail is a poor excuse for not blogging. I’m resuming my regular schedule as of today. Until then, here’s a quickie about Godzilla.

I loved Godzilla growing up, much more than King Kong. (Sorry, ya big ape. You were fine! Just not my type.) I thought he looked like a slightly larger, slightly angrier, slightly less-literate Oscar the Grouch. Also, along with a couple of my cousins, I thought that this was the height of awesome:

Yeah. So at work last week, I jumped at the chance to catalog this:

This is the movie poster for Mekagojira no gyakushu, also known as Terror of Mechgodzilla in the U.S., also known as a lot of other things in other countries.

Anyway, when I got the DVD to catalog, I opened it up to see a glorious still of Godzilla and Mechagodzilla standing mid-battle atop a windswept plain/mountain range/eh, I can’t remember, it’s a teeny set, alright? It’s a still that I can’t find anywhere online, unfortunately (though not for lack of trying. Okay, yeah, I’m not trying very hard). But it’s very dramatic, and looks more like a scene from a bizarre, mega-lizard reenactment of Wuthering Heights than a violent struggle.

Of course, once you start looking at things through the Wuthering Heights glass, it’s hard to stop:

I’m positive you can find romance in every frame.

This post is the fault of Warren Ellis and his goddamn book.


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