Download now, thank me later.

Low has a free download at their site:

Live At Eindhoven EP

Gorgeous. The hushed church before the applause reminds me of seeing them at Sacred Heart.

I love Low. I heartily recommend Low. You have to sign up for their email list to download this EP, but they’re not spammy and if you like the music* you’ll probably want to know when they’re coming out with something new, anyway.

Some people would probably recommend you check out their earlier albums before listening, but I don’t care about that I started with Trust and it didn’t hurt me none; I still manage (somehow, shock of shocks) to enjoy all their work.

So go! Download! Enjoy! Obey!
(Mama don’t like tattletales.)

*”But Peppery, how will I know I like it if I can’t download it before signing up?” you ask? I say unto ye, youtube, yo. (That’s not the version of “Monkey” on the EP, but it is a live one.) Youtube, youtube, far and wide.


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