Solace comes from all corners and in all flavors

Head over to Yes and Yes for a great guest post by Amandalee:

How to love your life even if you hate your work

I have a friend who’s been steadily searching for a job for the last eleven months.

Ha. This could be me. Sometimes I think my friends don’t believe me when I say I search job postings, listservs, and individual institutional employment websites every. Damn. Day. Unconsciously, I think it’s bullshit, too – my mind hints nastily that I should totally have a different job by now, and that I would, if only I just X and did Y and said Z or wore ABC. Yeah, yeah. Wow, shut up, brain.

Anyway, it’s a good essay. I recommend it to anyone needing a new job, a creative kickstart, or an inspiring read.

Or also you can just go home and make this:

Old Fashioned Hot Fudge Sauce from The Hungry Mouse.
Just reading this reminds me of my grandma’s fudgy cooked frosting recipe, and I should probably content myself with that, but honestly? One can never have too many fudge sauce recipes.


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