Not dead yet.

As seen on Yes and Yes and Jezebel, check out this NYT article:

On Road to Recovery, Past Adversity Provides a Map

The gist is that whatever doesn’t kill you is actually scientifically-proven (now with real science) to make you a tougher cookie. So I’m proclaiming it collectively for folks with ulcerative colitis. We’re tough as hell, and we’ll take it as long as we have to, because we can. (Of course, we’ll also bitch and moan whenever we want to, but since that doesn’t look as good we’ll just keep that on the down-low.) It’s fun to be tough, especially when you’re a congenitally-shaky flincher who grew up with wrists the width of toothpicks. Whatever! Tough now!

Listen to Trevor, because he knows. Or does he say stranger? I guess either way it applies to me.

Man, I forgot how much that theme music used to get in my head.

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