Hey, Frou Frou is a metaphor!

I’m still reading Anna Karenina, which, if you don’t know, is a great bathroom book. My copy came from a library booksale, and it has this vampish cover:

Looks kind of Garboesque, right? The Garbo film version is listed as 1935 on IMDB. However, the physical book provides no published or copyright date, and the only record match I’ve been able to find is on Worldcat, which says the book was most likely (the brackets mean a small bit of uncertainty) published in 1931.

A brief aside: apologies to Frederic March, but if my husband was Basil Rathbone? Not a chance, Vronsky, sorry.

There are some other cool book covers in Librarything’s user-submitted pool. I especially liked this one:

I seem to favor the vamp and vampiric Anna K.

Moving on! More film versions:

The one starring Sean Bean and Sophie Marceau, in other words, the hot version.

The Miniseries version, starring Narcissa Malfoy!

Even Vivien Leigh was in a version.

God, look at them all….

Anyway, to get back to the book, I’m liking it, I think. I’m just past the horse race, which I read on the bus home today; I don’t really remember anything about the bus ride. Eeeek. There’s a lot of layered information about the state of class, in the descriptions of how the peasantry behaves and how they are spoken of and how they interact with the gentry, and vice versa. It feels broad and yet deep at the same time. I’m not having any trouble with the names, except every time I read “Karenina” I’m reminded of how two of my friends once descended into a fairly vicious argument about whether it was pronounced “Kara-NEE-na” or “Kah-REH-ninnah.” I still don’t fucking know, but I think Oprah’s whispering the first in the back of my brain.


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