Just try THAT in hyperspace!

Long ago in Internet years, from Metafilter (and I think I originally saw it on Boing Boing?), here’s some Star Trekky goodness:

“He might have read the document when he was tired, at the end of a long day of being tied to a whale.”

Discusses the creation and evolution of Star Trek: Insurrection (the quality of which I cannot debate, as I have not seen it. Some Trekkie/er, huh?) and the comments warmed the cockles of my cold geeky heart. They also made me laugh so much that I think my gut also ulcerated a bit more, and it was worth it.

I love The Next Generation. I remember if we were watching an ep that didn’t end before dinner, Dad would carry out the bedroom b&w TV and set it up (precariously) so that we could watch while we ate.* (Everyone in my family likes Star Trek, obviously because we all KICK ASS. Or is that tangential? And anyway.) Later, when I was going to community college but still mooching around my folks’ house, I’d stay up late on nights I didn’t have theater rehearsal and watch reruns of TNG on WCCO. Still later, when I lived in Syracuse, my friend Tea sold me her family’s collection of TNG videocassettes** for twenty bucks, I watched the entire run and realized how many horrible Troi outfits (and plotlines, sheesh) I’d missed, how funny Jonathan Frakes looked without a beard, how unfair that shit with Tasha was, how the uniforms changed, how Patrick Stewart went from hot to hotter the older he got, and just how many crappy episodes they got away with without being cancelled summarily. It’s a good thing that networks used to have big tough vaginas back in the day, huh?

Wow, that’s going to get me some weird hits. “Captain big tough Star Trek vaginas” sounds more like an interpretation of a TOS episode, though.

These days I don’t see too much TNG on the networks. One night when A. was out of town and I couldn’t sleep, whether due to fear of not having warm accessible A. body to sleep beside or to paranoia of not having warm expendable A. body to sleep on the outside of the bed,*** so I turned on the TV. Guess what’s on at 1 a.m. in my town?

If you’re not into watching the whole thing, it’s this episode from season 1. Parasites, woo!

But I love that show. Relatedly, I’m about halfway through the first season of Deep Space Nine. Gotta get back to that – I enjoyed what I saw. But I also like Voyager, and apparently that should make my head explode. Oh, well.

I <3 U, Jean-Luc.


* It certainly had a scandalous effect on me; these days A. and I watch TV with dinner all the freaking time. Sick/product of this rare Dad-induced thing or sad and lonely and dining-room-less?
** JVC Video Home System, motherfuckahs! Two episodes per tape! What. WHAT? Oh, shut up.
*** Just kidding, sweetie – I’m all over those midnight home intruders with our lil Slugger, er, minigun, minigun, yeah.


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