And a merry Next Year to elitist pigs everywhere!

Happy New Year! My apologies for my complete lack of posting; I’ve been enjoying a couple of cross-country journeys (with a dog who knows naught of carsickness in the back, and a willing victim in the driver’s seat), much delicious sugary food, and the disappearance of multiple noisy neighbors due to the holidays. The enjoyment must be carried out in Internet silence to be true, you see.

Just kidding – actually, we got back yesterday. Right now we’re drinking wine and watching PBS’s New Year’s New York Philharmonic show. It’s gorgeous: it’s an all-Tchaikovsky program and they’re playing the piano concerto no. 1 right now. The pianist’s hands are flying all over the place. I know, I know, we should have gone with Ryan Seacrest/Anderson Cooper/Kathy Griffin schmoozefest, which even we, the Cable-less, probably would find somewhere on our little network offerings. We’re such elitist pigs. At least it was introduced by Alec Baldwin, right?

Saw this at xckd today when I spent a good few hours trying to catch up on my online haunts. (I think it’s a little old, but yeah, I’m catching up.) All I can say is yes:

I’d like this on a t-shirt, please. I’d want to add a disclaimer on the back about how I like to cut said bitches with my Swiss Army knife, but that’s probably too personalized. Or maybe just too much information. I’ll have to ponder that. Later: for now, it’s back to the champagne.


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