The Christmas Food, part the first.

It’s the Christmas season, so naturally we’re stuffing ourselves. My latest digestive foible is a green drink made by A.’s aunt and uncle; it’s not wreaking havoc, but it’s certainly cleaning me out without too much warning. I didn’t see them make it so I’ll just approximate here:

Green drink
Blend raw spinach leaves, romaine lettuce leaves, and avocado slices with pineapple juice. Drink.

It’s delicious. It also stayed in me for a decent amount of time, but when I had to go, I had to go. And really? This isn’t rocket science; look at the raw fibrous ingredients. Spinach, for crying out loud. I was actually expecting a little more intestinal wildness, and sooner. Since the urgency isn’t really urgent and it tasted fantastic considering the amount of roughage, I’d recommend this, especially if like me, you feel that sometimes your body isn’t getting enough nutrients. I’m still taking it easy on the spinach and salad. This was a tasty compromise.

Someone is pounding sauerkraut in the next room. Mmmm. These are the things that make you put down the laptop and go investigate. Of course, my investigative radar isn’t too discerning right now: if I heard a strange noise coming from my drunken roommate’s bedroom, I’d probably go check that out, too.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, dudes. Okay, I’m sorry.

Completely unrelatedly, this lady took her stage name from Anne Shirley. Talisman or too close to your character?


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