My apologies for the unexpected hiatus, but I was busy:

Oh, ya, you betcha. Technically this isn’t Minnesota, but it’s on the way and after about nine hours in the car, close is close. Right now I’m sitting warm and sugared-up from homemade fudge in the toasty comfort of A.’s parents’ home. It’s snowing outside. Snow! Subzero temperatures! Wool socks and longjohns! Woo!

I’ll write a real post later, but it’s time for Miracle on 47th Street (HAHAHAHA, Don), beef stew, and beer, beer, beer. Gotta keep warm, you know. Happy holidays!

P.S. Guess who wins the prize for best car pet EVER, self-taught, NO LESSONS, thanks, Dad?

But I’m biased.

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