Romancing the toilet

From Smart Bitches, Trashy Books:

Whisper Falls, by Toni Blake

The heroine has Crohn’s. It’s a romance novel, and the heroine has Crohn’s. I think my brain just imploded with happiness. Way to go, Blake. I don’t read many romance books, but I’ll be checking this one out, because, dude! A heroine with Crohn’s! She will probably get, then lose, then get the guy! And all without a hilarious diarrhea scene, I bet – read and learn, CNN. Especially in light of that stupid segment, the fact that this book exists surprises the hell out of me, and makes me want to find others. List time:

1. Whisper Falls
2. Um. Yeah. Any suggestions?

And I’m not talking about the My illness and my long, inspiring climb to recovery, let me show you it type of memoir-book. I’m not knocking those, but that’s not what I’m looking for here. I’m looking for fiction books that have main characters with IBD. That’s it; I’m not pulling out my snobby distinctions, such as

(a) is the disease purely a plot device, in the mode of Lurlene McDaniels and the Please Don’t Die of Cancer/Of Lupus/Of Wasting Disease, Mommy/Daddy/Sister/Girlfriend books?

(b) is the disease mentioned once in passing and then never again despite how much it affects every day life? Or, my favorite,

(c) is the disease mentioned only in the form of a token/stereotype character (e.g. Gay Best Friend, Sassy Black Friend) who serves as an awakening or an inspiration to the main character? See also (a).

(d) does the character with the disease miraculously recover thanks to whatever fad diet/treatment the author read about before writing the book?

Jesus, I’m just pulling that last one out of my ass,* I seriously doubt anyone could pull it off or would attempt to, these days. It’s much more romantic to magically cure cancer, anyway.

But back to Whisper Hill.** With regards to that front cover blurb? “Intoxicating and addictive?” Bleeech, please. What about delicious? Is it scrumptious? Inebriating? Lickable? Christ. I wish someone would start blurbing “Unputdownable!” Now that, coupled with a good bout of dehabilitating diarrhea, I can get behind.

*Like everything.
** Not so much as a whisper as a flatulent BANG, supplies my sad, poop-obsessed mind.


2 thoughts on “Romancing the toilet

  1. Hi, Cuban in London! I'm sorry that my review was mostly cursory since I haven't yet read the book and am relying on SBTB, but I will be checking it out. And it's so awesome that it exists!


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