What would you say…you do here?

The news is making me mad this week. I happened upon this article after reading about Joe Lieberman’s bullshit, so perhaps my mind was not as open as it could have been:

US Public asked to play judge and jury for science funding

Ahhh, I see what you did there – those difficult, informed decisions that we elect you (okay, someone elected those Tea Baggers/Republicans, not me) and pay you to make? You can just pass those off on us.

The cutesy name “YouCut” irritates the fuck out of me. It’s right up there with that bad Congressional habit of creating bill titles with predetermined acronyms in mind, so that we get nifty bricks like USA PATRIOT ACT and SHIELD. Because memorizing a bill title is HARD for congressfolks and the public alike! And also it trivializes the process, which, in my opinion, is all about making hard choices, not participating in a freaking game show version of our government funding procedures.

Oh, I’m sorry. Maybe I should be grateful that I’m supposedly getting American-Idolesque input on nationally funded programs.* But I have to wonder. The person who organizes and tallies all those votes on AI? How much do they get paid? Maybe we could hire them as our senators instead and combine the two programs; privatize the government,** vote on every single bill that passes through Congress, AND get some kickass karaoke performances going in the Capitol.

This post was brought to you by the letter S, for sugar.***

*After all, if the super-rich actually paid taxes they’d want the same level of input for programs they were helping to fund, a yea/nay texting thing, or maybe they could get someone to do it for them…wait.


***and the letter C for cop-out. Sorry.


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