Earlier this week Victoria Strauss on Writer Beware’s blog posted about Real Writing Jobs dot com. Here’s a link to her original post:

Fake Writing Jobs: Real Writing Jobs.com

I read the post and clicked on the link to check things out. Here’s a screencap of the index page:

Yes, it’s a scam, yes, it’s dopey, but I gotta say: the fake Work From Home! ads I see while drifting online? Generally they feature these things: a lady (almost always white), a coffee mug and/or a pencil, and a laptop. (The laptop is usually white, too.) The background of the image is usually light and airy, as though the lady is working on her porch in the bright morning sunshine – or perhaps she’s surrounded by frothy white curtains, the kind that filter the sunlight as it shines through the sparkling-clean French doors. Now that’s better than a cubicle!

This image blows those expectations of mine right out of the water – all it has in common with those other images is the perky smiling white lady. But honestly, who works from home in a suit and pointy heels? Anyone? I do know people who have dressed up for telephone interviews; they said it helps them get in the professional groove. Come to think of it, I know few people at my current work who show up at the cubicle farm in professional attire.

Okay, that’s enough BS for a Friday. I’m hungry, here’s a link to a mouthwatering Writer’s Almanac:

The Court of the Two Sisters, by Philip Lopate, read by Mr. Keillor.


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