Are you by chance a vicious criminal?

Follow this link to listen to This American Life‘s archived episode, Poultry Slam 2003. They ran it on the podcast last week. Why am I linking to this?

A) It has a bit of Chickenman. (Bockbockbockbaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwck)
B) I UNEXPECTEDLY get to hear Ira Glass say my maiden name. Dude! I had to rewind/reverse/whatever it is we call going backwards in digital media these days.
C) Sorry, the above reasons are it. Pretty sad, I know.

Today it’s my sweetie A.’s birthday. He started the celebration early by not coming to bed last night in order to finish a paper. What a crazy guy. However, because he is very lucky he got some presents and he will also be getting this later:

Peanut butter cake
(A fresh one. This one is a couple years old.)

Mmmm, delicious. Happy December, everyone. Can you believe it’s December already?

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