Wackety wack

Recently I got a holiday circular email from AbeBooks:

Discover Literary Oddities in the Weird Book Room on AbeBooks

(The email subject line was simply “Give A Weird Book for the Holidays.”)

Some of these look great. On the whole, the promotion reminded me of a This American Life podcast I listened to yesterday:

Death to Wacky

I definitely agree there is a time and place for wackiness, although I’m a fan of constant weirdness. However, I was listening to the above while cataloging a photo/art book by Nobuyoshi Araki, so henceforth for me wacky is inextricably linked with bondage, hot wax, and sexy photographs. Oh, and Ira Glass’s voice. I assure you, it’s really special.

Also I imagine this blog will disappoint hardworking searchers of Araki’s work and/or b0ndage and/or h0t wax and/or sexy photographs and/or Ira Glass for the next few days. Sorry, folks.


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