Minimal gut rumblings

I made this the other night:

Quick zucchini sauté from Smitten Kitchen.

Nuts and vegetables! Vegetables not cooked to a tenderness closer to mushiness! It was a daring gamble, my friends, but I took it. I cooked the zucchini just a bit longer than called for, and I not only browned the hell out of those almonds, but I chewed them very thoroughly, too.* It was delicious, and my gut did not rebel too much. (There was a tiny bit of partially undigested zucchini action in the toilet the following evening, but TINY. Like, smaller than a Colazal capsule. Really.) I hesitate to recommend it, since I’m not flaring anymore and therefore I’m not as reliable to those of you who are, but if you can tolerate nuts, go for it. If you can tolerate a few nuts, add as many as you think you can take. If not, just make the zucchini and add the cheese. Much better than steamed/blanched zucchini.

*Sometimes thoughtful eating can be tedious. Best done with a book or a film, preferably a book because you don’t have to turn it way up to hear the soundtrack over your crunchy mastication.


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