Recently I watched the first season of Castle.* I thought it was cute and that it would have been forgettable if I wasn’t a Nathan Fillion fan. Well, the little scifi injokes are great, too:

YEAH! Moving on=overrated.

Anyway. So A. and I were in Target the other day in search of this hilarious yet useful item when I saw this book sitting on the bestseller shelf:

Heat Wave

“But. It’s fake,” I protested.

A. laughed at me a lot when I turned it over and screamed at the Ruggedly Handsome Richard Castle author photo on the back cover, and at the Patterson and Cannell plugs on both covers. I suppose there have been other ridiculous book tie-ins before. This bit from the synopsis cracks me up, though: Heat’s murder investigation is complicated by her surprise reunion with superstar magazine journalist Jameson Rook. In the wake of their recent breakup, Nikki would rather not deal with their raw emotional baggage. But the handsome, wise-cracking Pulitzer Prize-winning writer‘s personal involvement in the case forces her to team up with Rook anyway. Heh.

Naked Heat is number 27 on the latest NYT bestseller list. Sheesh.

*Got it from the local library! You can, too! (Maybe. Go check. Or, um, ask them to order it. I’m sure it won’t be a problem, right? Sigh.)

**So far, dog does not like. The smell of her own claws burning makes her sniffily depressed.</sup?


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