Just another sticker on the road.

Let’s talk prominent local bumper stickers! I see a lot of these. Sometimes they have an exclamation point. (Secede YAY! is how I read those ones.) Pre-November 2nd, I also saw a lot of these.

Today on my way back from my doctor’s appointment, I saw one that said:


with a little Obama sunrise emblem serving as the O in idiot. Isn’t that charming and clever? It’s a play on the Bush one (and probably ones long before that; I bet that there used to be wood engravings of this phrase printed on broadsides regarding John Adams’ attempt for the presidency) I saw so much of after the 2000 election, except they can specify Kenya, because GET IT, he’s not really a citizen, OMG! The idiot thing is, of course, kind of hilarious to me.

Unfortunately I can say that we suffer from no such shortage here. Maybe someday we’ll get lucky, or I’ll move. Yeah, I think I’ll go with option two.


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