Situation normal: full of crap in so many ways

Who out there is on Imuran? Want to have a pity party with me?

The general consensus from Experts on the Internet (in other words: dogs) seems to be that Imuran is a great drug and can help you immensely, provided you don’t take it for an extended period of time. Again: provided you STOP taking it at some point. Whereas for myself (and other uc folks) I have had it made very clear to me by several gastros that I will likely (and luckily, according to them, since it’s less harsh than the harsh?) be on this drug till I die, which will be sooner given the side effects. (But maybe later than if I was on remicade, hey hey!) It’s not very encouraging.

So what do you think? Do you find these side effects depressing? Or invigorating? For me, it’s usually both, depending on how much I think about them. As the time I spend thinking about them lengthens, the depression grows proportionally, until it hits a massive nadir and I reel back up into Invigorating Optimism, also known as Mount Fuck-It or as the Romans had it, Mount Carpe-Diem-Bitches. It’s probably really annoying, but it’s how I stay sane.

What do you do? Do you try to forget about it? Do you look on the bright side? Do you actively explore other medical options, like a combination of diet/other drugs, or surgery? Do you tell yourself to quit whining, since it’s not as bad as it could be? Or do you bake a lemon meringue pie and a chocolate cake and homemade rolls and eat everything in a wild unfortunate frenzy?

Hmmm, I think perhaps this post could be seen as a form of asking for advice. Luckily I can still type with my foot in my mouth. Thanks, 21st century communication!


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