He who smelt it.

My gas is off the charts. Other than that, I feel great, but it’s as if I’m going to blast off. At the same time, my digestion is tip-top, I’ve been off the Devil Pred for two days now without any sign of blood, pain or frighteningly explosive diarrhea, and I feel spectacular if a little sore from walking/running with A. and the dog. Maybe the excess of gas is serving to balance out all this goodness? At any rate, I scared the pooch last night while carving my jack-o’-lantern; I think she thought there was something ominous under the floor, like an earthquake.

Things I’ve been enjoying lately:

– Ghost stories. In celebration of Halloween, I picked up some M.R. James (so far, very creepy), Peter Straub’s Ghost Story (so far, engrossing and very creepy), and a collection of Solomon Kane stories (so far, uncracked; therefore creepiness/interestingness unknown). I have a perpetual case of spine chills but luckily, a dog who (while she might love up home intruders for a scratch behind the ears) will probably bark at ghosts and/or demons. So, that’s coming along.

The Good Wife. Just starting watching this one. I don’t watch much TV because we get six or so channels and whenever I’m home my choices always seem to be limited to Two and a Half Men or Jose Luis Sin Censuras. So if I watch TV, it’s usually on DVD. But I’m really liking this show. For one thing, the cast is amazing. Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski, Josh Charles, and Alan Cumming? Yesss. And the last episode I watched had Anika Noni Rose – I don’t know if she’s a regular or recurring character. (Unfortunately, the last ep also featured Vernon Jordan. I can’t take him seriously, though it’s not his fault. OH CONAN.)

Sherlock. Don’t know why Benedict Cumberbatch looks familiar. You’d think I’d remember a name like that. A. and I caught most of episode 2 last night. While I like this idea, I’m really bored with the whole CSI/Bruckheimer zoomy-whooshy forensics editing that crime shows seem to feel they need to employ these days. Seriously! I don’t need jerky, blurry jump-cuts on a business card, a bloodstain or an envelope logo! Throw away the sunglasses and give me a return to understated elegance! Ahem. I’ll be watching to, uh, see if you listened.

3 thoughts on “He who smelt it.

  1. I am nervous for the day that I end my Prednisone. It's probably just my imagination, but it seems like the day that I cut down 10mg something bloody, gassy, and/or painful happens. But also very eager to get rid of these side effects! Good to know someone else is living through the process :p


  2. That sucks so, so much. Is your gut taking so long to calm down because it's your first flare up? What kind of other meds are you trying out?

    When I first started Imuran/azathioprine in 2003, it took about six months to get working and I had to stay on pred for the whole time as I had the same problems you describe whenever I'd taper down. (There was no escaping the gas and blood, since the aza took its sweet time) But eventually as the more hardcore drug kicked in, I was able to get off the pred completely. I hope you can do the same, it's such a crappy drug.

    Hope you feel better soon.


  3. I was diagnosed with UC during my first flare up, which was just 2 months ago. I'm assuming I'm in between flares right now, from the way people describe it. No blood, no runny poo, only pain I experience is around the time I eat and also when I'm needing to visit the toilet.
    Currently, I'm popping Asacol, Imuran, and Prednisone, daily.


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