Bye-bye, Devil Pred

It’s my final day of 10 mg of prednisone. My face and skin seem to have calmed down, but it’s unclear whether the clearing-up is due to the lowered dose or the combination of birth control with all my other meds. It reminds me of trying to figure out what, in a day filled with multiple myriad meals, may have set off the ache in my gut. In any case I don’t look like a sad teenager anymore.

Lately I’ve been noticing a sensitivity to wine or hot dogs. (Hint to oblivious self? It’s probably the wine, dumbass.) Luckily, my ability to ingest chocolate is undiminished, so I’ve started drinking big mugs of hot chocolate and this wonderful disgusting stuff. (The temps here just dropped down to the 60s, so I can drink hot liquid without turning on the A/C.) If I hadn’t taken a gut-enforced vacation to O’Doul’s Island* I’d be dosing my mug with a little peppermint schnapps, too.

One day before Halloween! Have a horrible dance mix of the theme to my favorite holiday movie:


I love picturing people groovin’ to this. Hilarious. It’s almost as good as that Brokeback Mountain club mix.

Okay, enough Halloween scares.

*Figuratively not literally. Sorry, O’Doul’s.


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