Stuff you may not know, either

The Stuff You Missed in History Class folks had a fun podcast recently:

Napoleon in Egypt: the Savants

I never knew Napoleon went to Egypt, nor did I ever know anything about the huge set of volumes produced by his little science-and-culture squad:

Description de L’Egypte

Look at that thing! The plate volumes are held at the NEW Bibliotheca Alexandrina – another thing I didn’t know existed. Really, I’m quite an ignorant lady.

I first heard about the SYMIHC podcasts from this handy little list at Yes and Yes, and it was such a nice surprise. Obviously I can also second her recommendations for This American Life and Radiolab (hey, both shows did segments on the hookworms guy, that practically requires me to get out their vote) but I’ll also take this opportunity to tout The WRVO Playhouse podcast of old time radio out of Syracuse. That, along with the Old Time Radio shows at the Internet Archive and the current stuff on our local NPR station, really gives me my scratchy airwaves fix.

What are some of your favorite podcasts or radio shows?


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