Farmer’s market haul

FM haul III

Most of these babies will end up cooked, of course. This is one of the nice things about living in Texas; I’ve never seen such produce year-round. The size of the carrots is kind of staggering, and they are fabulous cooked, something we never did with carrots when I was growing up. I’m not sure why, although we did eat a ton of blanched/steamed kale, spinach and greens. Of those two options, I much prefer cooked carrots. My mom did most of the cooking and she was pretty health-oriented, which in hindsight was great for our family and our artery health but also meant she wasn’t too big on preparing things like this: Brussels Sprouts with Bacon at Taste As You Go. We ate steamed Brussels sprouts, I think. Ah, the bitterness.

FM haul II

Farmer's market haul I

big ears
Big ears wants some, even though she doesn’t like any vegetables (other than cooked sweet peas) once she gets them in her mouth. She’s a dairy-fat-and-meat dog. Maybe I’ll try the Bacon Brussels sprouts on her…


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