Oh, the acne you’ll grow!

20 mg of Devil Pred becomes 10 this Saturday! Er, that is, I’ll have one more week on the bastard until I’m back to my regular schedule of fun meds. It turns out that four-plus weeks is plenty of time for prednisone to run its usual (for me) gamut of Beautiful Glowy Complexion to Greasy Pimpled Moonface. My chin especially looks like someone threw Ajax on it. And while Colazal and Imuran are no slouches at greasing up my skin, I haven’t noticed the same pure dedication and consistency that I get from a good ol’ dose of prednisone. Blech. Can’t wait to be done with it.

In other news, Gone and Forgotten has been posting scary silly comics in honor of the best month/holiday of the year. This panel from last week’s offering, Deathless Mortal, made me crack up at my desk:

At the library of the occult! You know, the one next door to the NYPL. They had to cut their hours recently, the poor economy’s really killing them. AHAHAHAAHAHAH, come on, you know you love it.


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