For the Cataloging Crowd

If you’re not a library cataloger, this will probably make no sense. It also probably makes no sense to even post it here, because I doubt any library folks, catalogers or otherwise, read this blog for tip-top library knowledge or current advances in bibliographic description. (Please – a moment so I may recover from the shock.) But this (linked from the AUTOCAT listserv a few days ago) is the best simple description of FRBR I’ve had the pleasure of viewing. Using something fun like Dracula probably helps.

It goes too fast to read/absorb comfortably, but I suppose that’s the nature of a powerpoint transferred to video. But wow! A clear, interesting description of FRBR that I actually understood after months (and months) of being repeatedly inundated with the same info in – boring at best, incomprehensible at worst – endless library presentations! Color me flabbergasted! Teach me, O Lord of Darkness.

Now all we need is a Twilight parody. Sparkly manifestations…

Okay, enough with the cataloging emphasis. Here’s another cool site:


Among other things, learn how to write a letter from Lewis Carroll!


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