“You may have thought, the last time you blew off work on a presentation to watch “How I Met Your Mother,” that you were just slacking. But from another angle you were actually engaging in a practice that illuminates the fluidity of human identity and the complicated relationship human beings have to time.” Heh. Source:

What we can learn from procrastination

I like that. The idea of equating procrastination, something I’ve long associated with laziness or the refusal to bite any number of necessary bullets, with the physical and mental exertion it takes to ENGAGE* with something. That makes me feel like an everyday achiever! Also, they use taking medication as an example:

“Seventy per cent of patients suffering from glaucoma risk blindness because they don’t use their eyedrops regularly.”

Nice. I wonder how regularly you need to take glaucoma drops? Anyway,it’s an interesting read, with a lot of different (some less negative) takes on the idea of putting shit off.

*Come on, of course I went there. Red alert!

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