Still more evidence that I am a dork

I was at the public library yesterday before my Fun Hour Wait at the Pharmacy, and I spied the complete As Time Goes By sitting on the DVD shelf.

FIST PUMP! I said, and grabbed series one.

I don’t know if it’s cool yet to like this show, or if it was ever cool, or if it transcends cool, because Judi Dench, obviously. But probably not, if I like it. It definitely doesn’t have the same nostalgia factor for people my age as, say, Little House on the Prairie. What it really reminds me and my dad of watching whatever late night British television import was on WCCO (usually Black Adder, but I think there was some Fawlty Towers and others in there) on the big old black-and-white upstairs.

When A. and I lived in Syracuse the local PBS station ran ATGB every Saturday night following an episode of Keeping Up Appearances. (I claimed I watched those shows because they came on right before Classic Movie Night, which, in addition to the library, was our poor man’s answer to TCM/AMC/Cable TV in general. We still don’t have cable. Go us, what rebels.) But really I just loved them, especially ATGB.

Oh – quick plot summary (if you don’t want read the wiki one I linked to) since I’m starting the show from the beginning now instead of catching a random episode every Saturday night:

Lionel Hardcastle is a 50-60 something (I think?) writer editing his new memoir, My Life in Kenya. He hires a secretary from a local service to help, and is flabbergasted in a mildly polite way to discover that the boss of the business is none other than Jean Pargetter, a woman he met nearly 40 years earlier, when she was a nurse and he was a soldier. They had a brief romance, and then he shipped out to Korea and they never spoke each other again…UNTIL NOW. (There was some thing with a letter, but it got lost, okay?) My glee at typing this can somewhat be expressed by this.

It sucks you in and there’s no defense. Remember that if you’re flipping through the channels some night and you see something like this:

Geoffrey Palmer, Judi Dench, hooooo boy

Well, just gird your loins for the awesomeness.


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