One of my friends linked to Think Before You Pink and this post on and thus I felt bad and irresponsible and unthinking-sheepish about doing the breast cancer facebook update shit. Yeah, I KNOW that posting a facebook status saying blah-de-blah in order to “raise awareness” for [disease/cause/fashion travesty] does nothing physical and serves more to further mindless following of the herd, just like I know that if I send my personal and financial information to that nice widow who emailed me last month, my bank account will be tidily cleaned out. I think lots of people do know this.

So why do we do it? Does it really serve the single purpose of making us feel better regarding a situation (e.g. a relative with breast cancer) over which we have no power or control? Do we just continue on with our days after posting where we like to set our purse at night or our bra snap count, because now that we’ve done something, we can just forget all about that person or that disease? Are we mindless clickers? Easy marks? Fools? Does this just illustrate how we don’t really care about a cause or a disease or anything until it touches us or our families or where we live? I know that I certainly didn’t give a damn about Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s until my diagnosis. I’d never heard of it. I haven’t seen an fb campaign for pants-shitting awareness, either. HEY.

Before You Buy Pink is also helpful. And here’s another post from The Stir on silly breast cancer “awareness” products, and more thoughts related to this topic. I do agree with how annoying campaigns like “Save the Ta-tas” are; when someone close to me was diagnosed with breast cancer, my first thought was not for her goddamn tits. Blah, blah, I’m so humorless, whatever.

Here’s an unrelated link that made me boggle*:

Why is This GOP House Candidate Dressed as a Nazi?

Money quote from Iott:
“They have to take it in context. There’s reenactors out there who do everything. You couldn’t do Civil War re-enacting if somebody didn’t play the role of the Confederates.

*and also neatly divert from the topic of the fb/breast cancer brouhaha with a New! Angry! Item! Is there a sub-sub-subclause in Godwin’s law for this?


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