Fungus loves company!

Imagine how excited I was to discover that I am not the only ringworm-infested UC gal out there! Okay, granted, that post is from 2009, but still. Excitement is fairly raging from my head to the hooky little appendix dead-end of my disease-stricken bowel!

I should probably call my GP; the worm came back in two spots on my leg, and I’ve been using Random Steroid Cream again in an effort to make it disappear without having to put out another 25 dollar copay plus whatever the new prescription would cost. Also, I’m avoiding calling my gastro, even though I’ve been playing toilet fountain at work and at home all week. I’m not in a ton of pain, I’m still able to walk around – and more importantly, walk/stride/gallop to the bathroom before A Horrible Accident Occurs – and I’m able to eat and drink gallons of liquid to make up for what I’m losing. I got this, damn it! (Please yes, let me have it. I mean, damn it, I do.)

Still looking for librarian jobs. If my latest application goes through and I get an interview at the local public, then I’ll call my gastro. Brownie scout Rowasa honor.


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