Remember the giant colon tunnel? I posted about it back in 07, but I don’t think the post link works anymore.

Generally these big bouncy colonic fun houses are created for educational/health awareness purposes. Here’s some more recent incarnations:
Take a stroll in Toronto!
Or Seattle!
Or San Francisco…a while ago.

Here’s a quick video about the Canadian one:

Kind of looks like a pink member of the gourd family, doesn’t it? It’s got a little stalk and everything.

Then this appeared on BoingBoing a few days ago, and I nearly died of excitement:


Only a rectum, sadly. Imagine how much fun you could have in the entire colon! Champagne in the descending(because it’s fizzy); wine in the transverse; heavy stouts and porters in the ascending; buckets and toilets in the cecum; and beds and padded walls in the appendix. No, you never escape this bar, unless the police come and perform an emergency appendectomy.


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