Not dead yet.

I’ve had a whole lot of Exciting Life Moments in the last year: I got married, I moved to Texas, I got laid off for the first time ever, I went to Prince Edward Island. Luckily my ulcerative colitis has been nice and quiet through most of it. (Well, my wedding day was another story, but definitely worthy of its own special blog post. I think I lost five pounds that day, and the scene wasn’t even stressful. WHO KNOWS WHAT EVIL LURKS IN THE INTESTINES OF WOMEN.)

My only offering for the moment is an interview A. sent me about Mike McCready. Pretty nice stuff. The youtube comments, are, as always, enlightening. “Crohn’s doesn’t make your hair go white,” etc.

Part one (more about his history rather than Crohn’s):

Today I spent about five minutes of work watching eagles sail around high buildings, grazing the edges of the top floors with their wing tips. I’m not sure if they were hunting amidst the clouds of smaller birds wheeling up there, too, but it was pretty awesome. Yep, there’s my emotional UC moment of the day. I appreciate you, giant freaky-ass maneuvering birds of prey.

Anyway, rock on, Mister McCready! I miss your long hair!


2 thoughts on “Not dead yet.

  1. Damn! Just when I was about to ask you out*, you went and got married.

    *Not actually out as in leaving the house and associated facilities, but you get the idea.


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