Favorite summer foods

I love summer food. For me it involves a lot of alcohol (which is in its own summer food group cordoned off by velvet ropes) and a lot of corny things. These are the things for which I’ll gladly give up a few hours of my life to sit on a toilet.

First place: Corn on the cob. There is no contest, really. Butter, salt, pepper, those kitschy stabby holders; they all add up to a glorious tender treat.
Penance: 1-2 days of IB.*

Second place: Corn dogs. Homemade are the best – you make the batter with yellow corn meal, flour, baking powder, butter, milk and a beaten egg. You then dip the dogs, fry them in oil, slather them with ketchup, and enjoy yourself into a myocardial infarction due to sudden arterial clottage. Delicious! I blame my Minnesota heritage.
Penance: 20 minutes of IB. These badboys shoot through the gut at the speed of light.

Third place: Tortilla chips, pico de gallo and extra sharp cheddar cheese. Wonderfully messy finger food, best enjoyed with a beer. Slice or grate the cheese, scoop up a bunch of salsa and mash it all together in spectacular regression. Eat it over the sink and you don’t even have to do dishes like an adult later.
Penance: suprisingly, this one works well for me. I get by with my regular daily amount of IB, unless I drink a few too many beers with it, which results in a day of IB.

A. and I watched Into the Wild not too long ago. I’m adding it to the list of movies about Things I Will Not Be Able to Do (WAH) Without Packing A FoolProof Portable Medicine Chest. Considering how the movie ends, I suppose I should be grateful. Really, I’m more depressed about not being able to survive a zombie apocalypse without easy access to an abandoned Rite Aid or Salix factory.

*Intestinal backlash.
Image by Bien Stephenson.


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