There are some disappointed searchers out there

We’re all wild about Google search in library class. For one, it’s something librarians hear about when patrons have difficulty searching the library catalog: it should search like Google, why doesn’t it suggest substitutions for misspelled words like Google does, just what the hell is a Subject Heading search and if it’s so important why haven’t they had to use it before? Etc, etc.

However, whether it’s the fault of Google or the varied topics on my blog or the poor searching skills of users, I can’t deny that some people must reach my blog in error. They must be incredibly puzzled.

Some samples:

expired yogurt
“ladies leave” and robocop
“they’ll fix you”

(I should be running a Robocop fansite)

“up my nightgown”
(Mmmm Hmmm.)

1 day expired yogurt
bouffant dogs cost
can eat expired one day yoghurt
can you eat expired dairy products
dog face women

(Wha? And I know exactly why they ended up here. Sheesh.)

can you eat expired yogurts?
horseapples work
house prescribes cigarette
hugh laurie smoking cigarettes
living with someone with ulcerative colitis

(HAHAHAHA. That one was A., wasn’t it? Poor fellow.)

lurker at the threshold plot summary
read online lurker at the threshold archive

(That person was exceptionally disappointed)

okay to eat expired yogurt
tudors boobs
what can we do from expired yogurt

There were a lot of UC, Crohns, medication and surgery keywords, too. So I guess it evens out. But DAMN. There are a lot of indecisive yogurt eaters in the world, aren’t there?


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